War of the worlds: sprinklers vs. dogs, or another reason to embrace “xeriscaping”

Our dog Troy seems to strongly oppose the tech world of the monsters, aka. the sprinklers in the backyard. They hiss, they make him wet (which he does not mind at all but he strongly opposes to being wiped out afterwards),  they create unexpected puddles in the backyard, which is just great for him but he is not allowed to drink from them because of another monster words, like “fertilizers”. Yes, sprinklers suck.

They give you all the joy in the world and then they steal it away from you like a licked treat that is then thrown in the garbage bin… Well, there might be some very happy wet-wet-wet dogs around the world, like the one on that photo, but not in our house.


No happy wet dogs in our dry house, though...

Troy is recalling his previous dry life when his only wet emotion would be to get unleashed for a single moment (while pretending to be too shy with the bathroom thingy done on a leash), and then, five seconds later, he can be found in his natural habitat – in the middle of the creek, making the day of the Mallards around uneasy. Then another ten seconds and his time of glory and freedom is over, and he can get back to his angry owners and the ball-less life of a neutered hunter...

So, hasn’t he had enough of being such a good doggy already? Aren’t we happy with tailoring all his wonderful habits around our wishes? Aren’t we happy now? Well then, what is our way to be grateful to him for being such a good boy? - he loves being called  “Good boooy!”, he adores the sound of these two simple words, especially if they are accompanied by some scratching behind his ear… Instead of handing out a friendly hand with a treat, we are invading his peace with monsters hissing out water into HIS own canine habitat. Thank you, humans.

So, whoever came to the wonderful idea of the xeriscape must have gotten a dog.

I have been preparing for a week for our sprinklers getting back to work (we had a somewhat late schedule for aeration and blowing of the system, so I had time to think about the future of our wet backyard). While walking him around and seeing him jump aside at the sound of a staring sprinkler, I started getting prepared. For the worse. For the moment when he would overcome the fear of these small gargoyles and actually befriend them - that is the moment we will be finished. The thought about the moment when he will eventually start nibbling on sprinklers and enjoy their wet company made me reach for an alternative. The alternative was long haunting my poor soul, long before we had the dog. But now it kind of ripened the proper way.

The vague idea in my mind got some form. I shared it with George, he embraced it wholeheartedly, and we spent some time in local plant nurseries and, of course, at the mother-ship: Lowes, to buy some helpful bibles on how-to-do-it yourself hardscaping (“the-way-you-do-not-clearly-have-it-in-your-mind-but-you -want-it-anyway” hardscaping). And then, this past weekend, while searching for an old book on backyards (you must know which one, it seems to be around at each Lowes or Home Depot store) – at this very moment the book of my dreams hit me on the hand: “Xeriscape Colorado”. I did not even know we had it.

The book is just great, focusing on how to create a beautiful garden using less water and sticking to the natural plants of the state. Saving water is a great issue for Colorado. So, I am holding a beautiful solution in my hands. It just takes some good plan, some financing for the stones and the plants, and then tons of hard (or rather: "hard-hard") work to get it done the way you want it.

It sounds not too bad but those who have tried to move a mid-size boulder know it is a bad, bad idea (“Stick to the lawn, lady!”). Nope. The lady and the man of her heart have decided to go green and hardscaped in order to get xeriscaped. We have a long, or rather, heavy and hard way ahead but we hope we can go all the miles necessary...

We keep on planning it and we hope the results will be ok. Will keep you noted.