Starbucks goes green getting rid of their paper cups... But I dream of getting rid of all spam paper mail instead.


Starbucks launched their green approach project to a more eco-friendly business: “The Big Picture – A Green Project”, encouraging consumers to use their own reusable coffee mugs as an alternative to the so familiar paper cups.

So, saving the forests, eh? Sounds great and yet not so much... Why? Because I spent my weekend going through a pile of mail I had collected in the past couple of weeks, trying to get rid of some hundreds of spam mail items.

The average number of mail items per day for our household is about 10. Not more than 1 or 2 of them are of any interest to us - like bills or just mail of any value. The rest 80% to 90% of our paper mail is PURE SPAM.

So can we just get rid of those? No more refinancing offers at a lower percent, no bank offers for the greatest credit cards in the world, no tons of advertising materials, no junk mail. Sounds like heaven.

But no. We just won't be that lucky.

We will be sipping our macchiato from reusable mugs while diving into tons and tons of new paper mail each week... Because "we are getting green and care for environment, trying to preserving forests". That sounds so promising.