Our dog turns one today!

Troy has his birthday today - he is one year old! So far he has been a really good puppy and now he enters adulthood. Kids grow so fast, don't they? :))

Troy has a new "hairstyle" for the summer - groomed down almost to the skin. The groomers wanted to follow the standards and leave the necessary hair so he looks like his breed but we insisted we wanted him "hairless". He seems grateful now that we decided so. He looks more like a Pointer and less like a Springer Spaniel but  he has no furry coat to carry around.

My father is visiting us for several months and Troy has a personal dog walker now. They go on a two-and-half mile walk each morning around the creek and after they come back we can see how long Troy's tongue actually is. He seems so happy running so much each day. As a hunting dog, he has so much energy and he needs long runs. We usually give him several per week but not every day, to be honest. Now he is being spoiled...

So, we are going to have some small celebration today, with bony presents and treats for the birthday kid. Happy birthday, Troy!