My big love for scarves

I can't live without scarves. Every person has a passion - and mine is for scarves. I have dozens of them, and I still buy more and more.

I love painting silk scarves myself - so I always have yet another one that I think I need to have. Just in case. One, two, ten or a couple of dozens more can never make my pile too big. Not in my eyes.

I would even sleep with a scarf on if I could. Well, when I was having sore throat as a kid, my mom used to wrap a woolen one around my neck for the night and I never minded it. All my friends hated that but not me. Scarves have always had "healing" influence over me, so I would never ever mind wearing one.

I have scarves from most countries I have been to. My collection has always been huge and diverse. I have fancy ones, I have basic ones, I have expensive ones and I also have five-dollar ones - and I love them all; I have silk, satin, polyester, linen, cotton, woolen what-not.... I love knitted scarves as much as I love silk ones, and I do both types myself. It is much more than a hobby. It is my passion.

I feel attached to each and every one of them but they are never enough for me - there are more and more coming in each year. I have given away quite many as gifts to friends, I have quite many sold, also friends come, take a look at some, love them and leave with them around their necks. But the number of my scarves keeps  growing on and on...

No matter the flow out, I instinctively try to keep the fragile equilibrium to at least several dozens, so I have always have enough at hand when I need to make the right choice. Otherwise I will feel deprived of scarves and that can be a disaster for me...

I have worn some of my scarves much more than others; I have a several that I have never ever worn - not even once but I am keeping them and still looking forward to doing that in indefinite future, when "the right moment comes".

I have never been a great fan of earrings or rings; rings bother me and I would rather go without them  - I barely wear even my wedding ring. I love bracelets and I have a descent collection of necklaces. But I am too busy with my scarf-love play to wear necklaces. I would very often replace a necklace I have just put on with a scarf at the very last moment before going out. That is so me.

I do not even remember how that scarf-love started but I used to wear scarves forever - even as a teenager. My mom loved scarves and had quite many so I guess this should have given the impetus for that passion. In the funny fashion of the 1980s I even wore a scarf pinned on my shoulder with a brooch - it might sound awful today but it did go pretty well with my big hair and the huge shoulder pads back then...

So, here I stand, decades later - still very much in love with scarves. My favorite mood-makers.


Here are some of the scarves that I have hand-painted myself on silk: