Having two homes in two parts of the world – how global of me…

We really do love Colorado today. When we moved her for the first time back in 2005, the question on everyone’s mouth was: “Why Colorado? And especially, why Colorado Springs?”…

Right, the States can offer a lot of much larger, more popular, historical cities for one to wish to move to. Why going to a smaller-size city featuring military bases and not much of entertainment to offer, apart from hiking and skiing, if you go for it?

Well, we used to have local friends here and we also used to have an office for years here – these two have probably mattered most for us. We were told that public schools in Colorado are reasonably good (a thing extremely important to us!), not much of a crime around, unique climate and about 320 sunny days throughout the year. Sounds quite peaceful and attractive for newcomers from almost the opposite part of the world, if you check the globe.

But if you take a look at the scenery - well, the mountains in both part of the world look just equally beautiful to us:
After having spent all our conscious life in the second largest city in Bulgaria – Plovdiv, we kind of had had enough of busy streets, lots of traffic, pollution, tense everyday contacts with people around us. We definitely wanted to try a simpler life, closer to home and the children. Moving to a new country with a 11-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl is not among the best dreams of one’s life.  

Especially after 10 years of running business back home (my husband and I are co-founders of our software development company) and practically living in the office – well, I have always had my moments of escapes but George was more of a voluntary hostage to business than a family guy. It took him an adaptation period of about 2 years until he finally settled to working from a home office and felt ok with it. Hard time, indeed. We did know that so many people were working from home, we just have never tried it. Eventually, we came to terms with that and even started seeing some strong points now.

 The constant communication with George is nothing to worry me, really  – I know some people would find it a bit too much to spend 24/7 with their spouses. This works fine so far, well, with some sparks occasionally, of course…

So, we are trying to have the best of two worlds, as they say. Living in today’s global world, having two homes that make you feel equally fine should not be an issue these days. So we just enjoy it as much as we can.