Hammy and Troy

Hammy was not happy with Troy’s arrival. Not at all. He was bitterly disappointed and obviously acted betrayed. As if he was not enough to us, so we ended up with that stupid dog. And the dog is not even eating nuts, like a normal animal would do.

Hammy did the best he could to persuade us to sober up. He ran up and down the fence, he gave those rattling sounds that we could only translate as jealousy, he tried to sit as close to our patio table as possible while eating his nuts to demonstrate that no dog could ever achieve that. He was also hissing down to Troy, while he was barking back in defense. What a quite, relaxing coffee break we were having in our very, very own backyard – now obviously much disputed by a pair of “pets”…

So, that was the very first meeting between the two. Finally we had to get Troy back in the house and then, the squirrel decided to take more drastic action. He chased Troy right until the very patio door, then climbed up and stood hanging on the screen door, swinging left and right to demonstrate his masculine attributes. Although Troy still had his own at that time, he got it all very personal and was just barking and growling back, no physical demonstration included at this point.

Finally, some nuts for the one and some treats for the other helped signing the peace treaty and the battle field was emptied out by the nut-and-treat-chewing parties.

Phew! Pets do require lots of love and fair treatment, indeed…