Freezing cold outside

After an extremely mild/ Thanksgiving (very warm, indeed) we are having freezing cold weather today in Colorado Springs. It is 6 am now and it is 6*F (that will be -14.5*C) but school districts are reported to "operate normally".

Snow is not an issue - it has barely covered the ground and is more of an ice problem. The cold is the issue.


I find it a bit hypocritical - after all the tips how to keep our kids healthy in the cold season and all the H1N1 craze, schools find these weather conditions ok and there is not even a 2-hour delay in the morning?

I am driving our kids each morning to school (looking forward to our son's driving permit, though) so I am used to seeing dozens of high school students walking at 6.40 - 6.50 am; as in our district a mile away from school does not qualify for getting on the school bus list.

So, our son will go by car this morning, as usual. But I am really worried about all these teenagers that will be walking now. A mile in that cold is not so healthy as school district officials might think (while sipping their hot Starbucks coffee in their warm cars).

Some of the walking kids wear light jackets as they are usually not bothered by the colder weather outside - they know it is cold now but it will be milder in two hours. This phenomenon is called "Colorado Springs weather". But not today, I am afraid.

Well, time to go out. I hope to see more cars than walking kids outside schools today.