Drive safely! Not only during the holidays - drive safely every single day

I am following the news this morning about the major accident that happened about an hour ago on I-25. According to the news, at least one person has died. How tragic. Each time we are sending a loved one on the road we automatically say, "Drive safely!"

Our own son is driving. He is about a month or so from his permit and I have never been so insecure about him so far... Never ever. He is raised to be a responsible young man who always takes into account possible consequences.

And yet, he is going to drive around with friends in just a year from now.

He is also going to drive girls. He might want to impress them - I can only hope he will not be speeding or taking stupid risks to do so. I hope he would never ever get into the car of a drunk friend driving - and he will be able to stop that friend from driving at all. I hope...

I came across this heart-breaking video, an ad of the Australian TV in the fight to prevent drink driving.

Shocking video, mind you. I cried my heart out watching it. My husband and I are considering a thoughtful way to show it to our own son at some point.

Tragedy takes only a second to happen but young drivers rarely think about an ugly outcome of their trip...   If you think you have the nerve to watch it - please do (viewer discretion is advised). Maybe you can also consider showing it to your teenage drivers.

The TACVictoria's Channel on YouTube has more ads on the topic.

I can never drive the same way after seeing that.