Colorado Springs: why i like it! Statistics and personal feelings

I drove my daughter to school today.  She never misses to say “What a beautiful day it is today, Mom. So sunny and bright!”. Yes, it is. And we usually have this same small chat almost every day.

I have never seen a climate like the one we have in Colorado Springs
It is so mild and sunny all the time. When we were still in Europe, gathering information about the city we intended to move to, I was left with the impression of a snowy mountain city located at the impressive altitude in the range of 6,000 -7,200 ft (1,830 - 2.195 m). It sounds like a very cold, cold place, doesn’t it?

Nothing true in such a statement, though. Colorado Springs is the sunniest place you can imagine. Even if there is a heavy snow for a day, you can anyway enjoy some sun later in the afternoon. That is truly amazing!

Snow storm

After the storm

We enjoy an average temperature in the mid and high 40s almost all the cold season, no matter what official statistics have it for Colorado Springs – I no longer even check them.

The look of the mountains on the west is just impressive. It reminds me of our home city of Plovdiv (Bulgaria). We used to enjoy each day the view of the magnificent Rhodope Mountains that southern Bulgaria shares with northern Greece.

Rhodope Mountains view

Rocky Mountains view

The only trick is that the mountains stood south of the city of Plovdiv. So, it took me about three months to come into terms with the fact that the Rockies are actually to the west of the city. Whenever I needed to drive south, I instinctively turned towards the mountains and drove on. Wrong, very wrong…

The first condo we rented after our immediate arrival was on a golf course, with a mountain view - thanks to our great local friends who chose it for us. The first couple of months we went crazy trying to shoot each incredible sunset we saw. Then, we understood that it is going to be a life-long experience as long as we live here. And yet, we continue taking photos of the sun rolling down behind Pikes Peak.

Having lived in a city like Plovdiv, Bulgaria, with all its traffic, pollution and busy life style, gave us a different perspective to everyday life.

Plovdiv is about  a 4000-year-old city; older than most of the oldest towns in the Old World like Rome, Athens, Carthage or Constantinople - an almost contemporary of Troy. Plovdiv is known to be a city built upon layers of cities, and a culture developed upon layers of cultures. (You might find it interesting to check PlovdivGuide.com  - a project I am extremely proud of as a person who has worked on it from day one).

Colorado Springs, in comparison, gave us a very different feeling at first – something of a resort or even of a village. That is a very unfair but we could not help it.

According to wikipedia, Colorado Springs have a population of 376,427 people (info: 2007) and an area of 186.1 sq mi (482.1 km2).  In comparison, Plovdiv has a population of 379,119 and an area of 39 sq mi (101 km2) - almost the same population was distributed on four times larger territory here, in the Springs. Well, I agree, enough with the statistics...

Another first impression that struck us:  the air is incredibly clean and crispy here. We felt like wanting to spend whole days outside in the sun, no matter how closer to it we actually were (let's not forget the altitude!). So, sunscreen becomes a best friend, but life is a lot brighter up here, literally.

I got a bit tired of all that comparing and I need some rest now. How about having my coffee out on the patio? Winter or not, it is again sunny and not so cold. I love sitting outside, looking at the arrogant squirrel that used to be a kind of a pet for us before our dog.  I doubt about listening to any birds today, as the vagabond squirrel gets noisy to scare all non-human species available in our backyard and get all of our attention (and nuts).

Yes, that reminds me that I should tell you more about that squirrel of ours... Funny guy.

So, I am going to enjoy yet another beautiful day in Colorado. I hope you enjoy yours, too!