Can we tell the difference between reckless driving and real car problems?

This morning I was driving my son to school at 6.45 am. Pretty early indeed, and most people driving around were obviously heading for work, not for pleasure.

Then, a new Toyota Camry decided not to yield to me, popping out of a crossing. Yield signs obviously do not count anymore, moreover Toyota drivers are being shielded by "car issues" now. The driver rushed right in front of me, never bothering to even look at me. She was on the phone, as drivers around usually are...

I drive a Toyota myself, and I love it. But I am thinking: How convenient is it now for Toyota drivers to get as arrogant as possible these days and blame anything that might happen on "unintended acceleration" problem??? This is getting crazy indeed.

So, I wonder, what are the methods to tell the difference between reckless driving and real car issues? Before, when someone drove into a building while parking - that driver used to be called an idiot and sent back to driving school.

But today such a driver would walk away unpunished and blame it all on the car that is "supposedly unreliable".

Isn't all that getting far too convenient?