Silk Scarf Yellow Green Copper Hand Painted Silk Satin Shawl AUTUMN GOLDS, by Silk Scarves Colorado. Select Your SIZE! Fall Colors Scarf by SilkScarvesColorado

by Tanya Athannassova on June 10 2018, 15:43

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78.00 USD

Silk Scarf Yelow Green Copper Hand Painted Silk Satin Shawl AUTUMN GOLDS, by Silk Scarves Colorado. Select Your SIZE! Spring Scarf, Fall Colors Scarf. Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Anniversary Gift. Bridesmaid Gift, Valentine Gift. Gift-Wrapped. Elegant Handmade Silk Scarf. Hand Dyed Silk. Handmade in Colorado, USA. 100% silk.

MADE TO ORDER silk scarf - the perfect gift!

This is a 100% Silk Satin scarf in muted fall-color shades: golden terracotta shade of yellow, green, teal, copper red. Decorated with thin metallic accents in gold. It is a very elegant scarf that would make a perfect accessory to a more formal outfit.

Offered in Several SIZES:

PLEASE SELECT THE SIZE YOU ARE INTERESTED IN, while placing the order. These are original sizes - slight shrinkage occurs due to the steam-setting process that makes the silk scarf colorfast. The positioning/size/distribution of the design's components may vary for each size - in order to correspond to the scarf's size.

Rectangular Scarves:

- Size Medium: 11" x 60" (28 cm x 152 cm).
- Size Large: 14" x 72" (35 cm x 183 cm).

NOTE: If you are interested in another size scarf - please send me a message, and I will be glad to create it for you! The scarf can also be personalized for the recipient (name, monogram, etc.) - if you are interested, please message me the details.

The scarf is 100% silk, hemmed. The vibrant silk dyes are steam set for permanence, so each scarf is hand-washable.

Handmade in Colorado, USA.

Each silk scarf in my shop is unique and a true piece of wearable art. It comes beautifully gift-wrapped, with an individual Care Instructions tag attached to each scarf.

Silk scarves make sophisticated accessories for casual or business outfits, as well as perfect gifts. If the scarf is a gift, I can hand write your special message on a card to include in the gift wrapping. I never include an invoice in my packaging.

Thank you for visiting Silk Scarves Colorado shop!



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