Silk Scarf Navy Blue Hand Painted Satin Silk Shawl SATIN FLOWERS-1, Silk Scarves Colorado. Size 14x72. Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary Gift by SilkScarvesColorado

by Tanya Athannassova on October 03 2018, 15:01

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95.00 USD

Silk Scarf Navy Blue Hand Painted Satin Silk Shawl SATIN FLOWERS-1, by Silk Scarves Colorado. Select Your SIZE! Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Anniversary Gift. Bridesmaid Gift, Valentine Gift. Gift-Wrapped. Elegant Handmade Silk Scarf. Hand Dyed Silk. Handmade in Colorado, USA. 100% silk.

READY TO SHIP Immediately - the perfect gift!

This is a 100% Silk Satin scarf - very chic and elegant, in shades of royal and sapphire blue; decorated with abstract flowers in metallic silvery blue. It is a very elegant scarf that would make a perfect accessory to a more formal outfit.

SIZE: This is a size LARGE scarf, allowing generous layering around the neck - size: 14" x 72" (35 cm x 183 cm). This is original size - slight shrinkage occurs due to the steam-setting process.

The scarf is 100% silk, hemmed. The vibrant silk dyes are steam set for permanence, so each scarf is hand-washable.

Handmade in Colorado, USA.

Each silk scarf in my shop is unique and a true piece of wearable art. It comes beautifully gift-wrapped, with an individual Care Instructions tag attached to each scarf.

Silk scarves make sophisticated accessories for casual or business outfits, as well as perfect gifts. If the scarf is a gift, I can hand write your special message on a card to include in the gift wrapping. I never include an invoice in my packaging.

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