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avatar is up and running!

I am finally ready with the release of my new venture website:!

It is an online gallery with e-commerce capability.

The website presents the silk scarf designs I have painted in the last few months. I love each and every one of the scarves I did and I feel really proud.

I am also designing and producing silk scarf accessories that help tying scarves up in unique style - you can see them on the website.



I have been busy preparing the launch of my silk scarves website

I feel wonderful! For several months I have been painting silk scarves to create my first collection that will be featured on my new website. I need a week or two more and I believe it will be ready for the launch.

It is a great thing to make a hobby grow into something more... 


My big love for scarves

I can't live without scarves. Ever person has a passion and mine is for scarves. I have dozens of them, and I still buy more and more.

I love painting silk scarves myself - so I always have yet another one that I think I need to have. Just in case.