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Featured scarf: Copper Autumn Hand Painted Silk Shawl

100% Habotai silk shawl. This large-size silk wrap is featuring brush strokes in warm hues of Indian red, coral, pumpkin, mango and nectarine; with copper and golden accents. Size: 21 1/2" x 69" (55 cm x 175 cm).

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If you are interested in purchasing this silk scarf, you can do that by visiting my Etsy shop.


My featured silk scarf for today: Multicolored Shawl in Burgundy and Brick with Four Flowers

Check my latest listing on Etsy: a larger-size shawl that is a very elegant wrap. You

can also wear it tossed over a shoulder or tied in an elegant knot.

100% Habotai silk shawl with images of four flowers on a multicolored background in hues of burgundy and brick colors. Size: 21" x 68" (53 cm x 173 cm). The scarf is 100% silk, with hand-rolled hems. The dyes are non-toxic and have been steam set for permanence. The rich colors blend with the fabric, giving the silk soft and luxurious look and feel.

Each hand painted silk scarf is unique and is a true piece of wearable art. ...


Friday's featured scarf: Multicolored Silk Shawl in Earth Colors

Hues of yellow, orange, green, brick, burgundy, brown all find their winding way th rough this large-size wrap shawl. Check it:

100% Habotai silk shawl, featuring multicolored meanders in earth tones. Size: 22" x 72" (56 cm x 183 cm).

You can see more photos of this scarf in the Silk Scarves Galleries (

The featured scarf today: Silk Shawl in Yellow and Orange, with Metallic Accents

This custom designed silk shawl was hand painted about two weeks ago - it has not been featured yet as it had to first get into the hands of the lady it was designed for.

So the long travel ended and now it is time to have a look at this bright and sunshiny silk piece: it is a 100% Habotai silk shawl featuring brush strokes in hues of yellow, orange and brick, with metallic accents in golden, bronze and a touch of black. Size: 22" x 72" (56 cm x 183 cm).

You can see more photos of this scarf in the Featured Scarves section on Silk Scarves Colorado website. 

Here is my Sunday featured scarf: Multicolored Silk Scarf in Pink, Fuchsia and Purple with Metallic Accents

100% Habotai silk scarf featuring brush strokes in different hues of pink, fuchsia and purple, with metallic accents. Size: 14" x 72" (35 cm x 183 cm). Colorful silk scarf for the coming summer.

You can see more photos of this scarf at the Featured Scarves section on Silk Scarves Colorado website. Here is a teaser for you to see here:  ...



A sunshiny featured scarf for a sunny and hot Saturday: Silk Scarf with Spirals and Waves in Blue and Golden

Today was a hot and sunny day in Colorado Springs. My featured scarf for today has the play of cooling blue and full of sunlight sunlight golden-yellow colors...

A hand pained silk scarf with blue-and-yellow alternating waves, decorated with golden and silver borders and spirals. 100% Habotai silk scarf; size: 14" x 72" (35 cm x 183 cm).

See more photos of that scarf in the Featured Silk Scarves Accessories section on Silk Scarves Colorado website. ...