Tea Cake (easy and fast to prepare)

This is a very tasty tea cake. It is very easy to do. I usually bake it in a square pan as it is easier to get out of pan and cut rather than the regular cake pan – but it is up to your individual preference, after all.


4 eggs
2 cups (16 oz) sugar
2 ½ cups (20 oz) flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 ¼ cup (10 oz) plain yogurt
Some vanilla or rum flavoring
6-8 oz vegetable oil
Some grated lemon rind (about 1 tsp)
Some confectioner’s (powdered) sugar to top the cake with
Some cocoa, if you like
You can also add walnuts or pecans, if you like


You mix everything – I do not even use a mixer for that, I stir with a wooden spoon.  Actually, the stirring seems to be the most difficult thing with this cake but I consider it a nice workout.

The Sequence:

  • You should first beat the eggs in a large bowl, then add the sugar slowly, with the vanilla/rum flavoring and the lemon rind. Stir until you get a homogeneous sweet mixture.
  • Then I add the vegetable oil, while stirring.
  • Then I mix the plain yogurt with the baking powder in a separate small bowl but I stir this mixture while holding that small bowl over the first/larger one (with the eggs-and-sugary mixture), as it tends to spill over due to the reaction of the yogurt being mixed with the baking powder. So, I save the mess this way :)
  • Then I slowly pour the yogurt mixture into the eggs-and-sugary one, while stirring the latter.
  • Finally, the trickiest part – I add the flour tbsp by tbsp to avoid the mixture getting lumpy. I love stirring but if you are not big fans of it, just reach for the mixer. Voila – the cake mixture is ready to be baked.
  • If you like walnuts/pecans – this is the point to add some into the mixture and stir them in.
  • If you like cocoa – you can take several spoonfuls of the mixture in a separate cup and mix it with 2-3 tsp of cocoa.  After you pour the mixture into your baking pan, you can add that cocoa mixture on the top, making some beautiful figures in the cake mixture with a small fork. This way the cocoa will be smoothly distributed and will not stick to one place only.
Then you just have to bake the cake at 380*F (I always use convection bake as it bakes all dishes evenly) for about 45 min.

You can always check if the cake is ready with a toothpick - insert a toothpick and if it comes out clean and there is no sticky stuff stuck on it - your cake is ready.

I usually dust confectioner’s sugar on top of the cake. Kids love that cake as a snack, especially with a cup of hot chocolate.