This community features ideas on cooking, sharing recipes, experience with various eating plans.

I have recently embraced the lower-carb eating as a lifestyle, which gave surprisingly good results not only in terms of losing some weight but also in medical lab test results. Most of the recipes here will be lower-carb ones but you can also find some very delicious carby stuff. Nobody's perfect...

Most recipes feature very easy-to-do dishes. That is the main idea. As a busy working mom and wife, I really do not have time to prepare eight pans of elaborate ingredient preparation mixtures to further cook three more hours, while additionally boiling three more sides. No, thank you. Just can't do it.

The recipes here are simple, the preparation stage is fast and busy-moms-friendly. Try some and enjoy!

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Cream-Filled Pastry

This is an amazing pastry prepared with Phyllo dough and a custard-like-tasting milk-egg-sugary mixture.  It also makes a great dessert.

And the best part of all is that it is prepared in about 15 min., cooked for another 30-35 min, and you can spend that time while working on your computer or just reading to your kids.  
Well, the worst part is that you have to wait for a while until it is cold enough to have a slice of it.


Tea Cake (easy and fast to prepare)

This is a very tasty tea cake. It is very easy to do, too. I usually bake it in a square pan as it is easier to get out of pan and cut, rather than the regular cake pan – but it is up to your individual preference, after all.

Teenager's Homemade Pizza

The funniest thing about this recipe is that there is no recipe at all. That “laziest and easiest of all dishes ever” was actually invented by our son when he was almost 13. He loves easy dishes – preferably ones that can come out of the fridge and pop into the microwave.

But in hard times, like when he is babysitting for his sister, he needs to be more resourceful and this is how he invented the “Teenage Pizza”. It is  time-saving...

Stuffed bell peppers

That amazing dish takes a bit longer to prepare the filling and to actually fill each of the peppers – but if you try it once, the chance to cook it again is very high…


Creamed Chicken Thighs

The rich version (low-carb) is to add 2 tbsp of whipping cream to the water; the healthier one (low-calorie but higher in carbs) is adding some beer.

Both are incredibly delicious, though...